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Preparing for Your Eye Exam with Dr. Diane Shin in Streetsville

How to Prepare for Your Eye Exam

At Dr. Diane Shin & Associates in Streetsville, our approach to eye examination is to be as thorough as possible since your eyes are very precious to us. We will offer you all the technology available and spend time educating you on your condition, treatment options, and the best ways to have a lifetime of healthy eyes.

To schedule your eye exam, please feel free to call us at any time! We also recommend you watch a short video featuring Michael Cody of the Canadian Association of Optometrists discussing Preventable Eye Diseases (YouTube link).


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Eye Exams

Your eyes are most important to us and we will offer you the most comprehensive eye examination possible to ensure your ocular health. Each eye exam will be customized depending on age, medical, or visual history, as well as any patient-specific concerns.

Medical Eye Exam Tests

The following is a list of medical tests performed during most comprehensive eye exams. These include:

1) Pre-Tests

  • Auto-Refraction (Estimation of Refractive Error)
  • Auto-Keratometry (Corneal Curvature)
  • Non-Contact Tonometry (Eye Pressure)
  • Pachymetry (Corneal Thickness)
  • Digital Retina Scan (Non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to take cross-sectional pictures of your retina)

2) Medical and Visual History

  • Complete Personal, Family, Medical and Visual History

3) Visual Acuities (VA)

  • Distance & Near VA-Corrected and Uncorrected

4) Subjective Refraction

  • Glasses Prescription for Distance and Near

5) Binocular Vision Testing

  • Cover Test
  • Near Point of Convergence
  • Broad H Test
  • Stereoacuity

6) Colour Vision Testing

  • Usually Performed on Children or any Patient when Medically Necessary

7) Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy

  • Microscopic Examination of Anterior Ocular Structures

8) Direct Ophthalmoscopy

  • Internal Microscopic Examination of Ocular Structures (Retina)

9) Dilated Fundus Exam

  • Internal Examination of Ocular Structures
  • Done while Pupils are Fully Dilated
  • Uses Eye Drops to allow Greater Viewing Area

10) Automated Visual Field

  • Automated Test to Measure Central and Peripheral Vision

11) Patient Counselling

  • Discussion of Examination Results
  • Provide a Plan of Action
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